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By far the most pop­u­lar style, roller blinds pro­vide an easy up-and-down mo­tion, al­low­ing max­i­mum light to flood in. They are usu­ally fit­ted in­side a win­dow re­veal or case­ment and suit the mod­ern, mess-free aes­thetic. Sim­ple roller blinds are also well priced so the con­sumer ben­e­fits. There are a few dif­fer­ent fab­ric types to choose from.

TRANS­PAR­ENT BLINDS are sheer and al­low you to have a clear view out­side dur­ing the day while those out­side can’t eas­ily see in. But at night when the lights are on, the op­po­site oc­curs, so it’s com­mon for peo­ple to use a “dual blind”.

TRANSLU­CENT BLINDS are light fil­ter­ing and al­low the light to flood in. As you can’t see through them, they pro­vide pri­vacy both day and night.

BLOCKOUT BLINDS have a back­ing for to­tal pri­vacy. They block out all light so are great for keep­ing morn­ing sun out of bed­rooms, as well as heat and cold.

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