Miguel Maestre cre­ates a mas­ter­piece that is guar­an­teed to wow a crowd.

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Miguel Maestre whips up a beaut berry pav!


6 egg­whites

375g caster sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp corn­flour, sifted mixed berries, sliced al­monds, choc nuts, nougat, fruit com­pote, to serve CITRUS CUS­TARD

675ml milk

2 lemons (2 zested, 1 juiced)

6 egg yolks

1 cup caster sugar

45g corn­flour, sifted

30g un­salted but­ter, cubed ONE Pre­heat oven to 200ºC non-fan.

Line a bak­ing tray with bak­ing pa­per.

TWO Us­ing an elec­tric mixer on medium speed, beat egg­whites un­til soft peaks form. Add sugar, 1 tbsp at a time, beat­ing well be­tween each ad­di­tion, un­til sugar is dis­solved. In­crease speed to high and beat un­til a spoon­ful of meringue sits on the sur­face like a rib­bon.

THREE Add lemon juice and corn­flour; beat un­til mix­ture is thick and glossy. Spoon onto pre­pared tray and quickly mould into shape.

FOUR Place tray in mid­dle of oven and im­me­di­ately re­duce to 120ºC non-fan. Cook for 80-90 mins, un­til meringue has a hard crust, but don’t let pavlova colour. Turn off oven; cool com­pletely with door ajar.

FIVE Mean­while, make cus­tard. Heat milk and lemon zest over medium, un­til al­most boil­ing. Re­move from heat; stand for 5 mins. SIX Beat egg yolks and sugar un­til pale and fluffy. Add warm milk to egg mix­ture, whisk­ing to com­bine. Re­turn to saucepan; heat over medium, stir­ring con­stantly to pre­vent cur­dling. Do not boil. When it starts to thicken, add corn­flour. Con­tinue to stir un­til thick. Re­move from heat. SEVEN Whisk in but­ter, one cube at a time, un­til glossy. Add lemon juice. Cool. EIGHT Top meringue with cus­tard, mixed berries, nuts, nougat and com­pote.

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