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Ev­ery side of this large, one-level home has doors lead­ing to court­yards.

“When we moved in I went out to buy door­mats – I needed eight!” re­calls Jane. The ben­e­fit, of course, is the choice of ar­eas this cre­ates in which to spend time out­doors, whether it’s with the fam­ily for a meal or a quiet cof­fee alone. In spring, Jane par­tic­u­larly likes the area around the pond and foun­tain, when the crab ap­ple tree is cov­ered in beau­ti­ful pink blos­som.

Su­per screen

A dense ev­er­green hedge hides both the pool fence and a pub­lic lane next to it.

She sells seashells Jane found the pretty white wind­chimes in a Ba­li­nese shop. Vibur­nam

Peace­ful nook There are many sweet sit­ting spots out­side the house. Fig

Aza­lea Burn, baby

The home­made firepit is built from left­over pavers.

Crab ap­ple Sooth­ing sounds Trick­ling wa­ter helps to mask noise from pass­ing trains.

Vir­ginia creeper

Grand en­trance The cov­ered pa­tio over­looks the front gar­den and pool.

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