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You will need plate (in your choice of size); felt; pen­cil; scis­sors; leather; su­per­glue; thumbtacks; string.

ONE Place plate on felt. Use pen­cil to trace around plate and mark out a cir­cle. Cut out with scis­sors.

TWO Place plate on leather. Trace three-quar­ters around plate and cut out part-cir­cle with scis­sors.

THREE Ap­ply su­per­glue around three-quar­ters of the edge of the felt cir­cle and place leather cir­cle on top.

FOUR At­tach thumbtacks around edge of leather at evenly spaced in­ter­vals. Turn pouch over and bend pointy ends of thumbtacks.

FIVE Cut 40cm of string and fas­ten to back of pouch with su­per­glue. Al­low to dry for at least 5 min­utes be­fore hang­ing on the wall.

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