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You will need pen­cil; ruler; white cush­ion cover; black yarn; scis­sors; nee­dle; cush­ion in­sert.

ONE Use pen­cil and ruler to trace a di­a­mond shape onto cush­ion cover.

TWO Thread a 40cm piece of yarn onto a nee­dle. Stitch along top outer line, with ap­prox. 3-5mm stitches, start­ing from the outer cor­ner, un­til you reach the top of the di­a­mond.

THREE When you come to the end of the row, your fi­nal stitch should end within the cush­ion and you should have ap­prox­i­mately 10cm of yarn left at the bot­tom as a tas­sel.

FOUR Start sec­ond row about 3-5mm away from first row, run­ning par­al­lel. Re­peat un­til you reach bot­tom of the shape. Re­peat on the op­po­site side.

FIVE Trim tas­sels so that they are all neat. Fill cush­ion cover with in­sert.

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