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Grubs, bugs and birds like to feast on home­grown good­ness. Cover crops, espe­cially or­gan­ics, with fine gauze net­ting. Or en­cour­age ben­e­fi­cial in­sects and use or­ganic con­trols such as bioin­sec­ti­cide for cater­pil­lars, beer baits for slugs and snails and even a vac­uum to suck up bugs! Home­made soap sprays, chilli sprays and oil

based sprays also work well. Trap fruit flies be­fore they mate and lay eggs in fruit with a lur­ing bait, such as Ecolure. Or place fruit trusses in sheer or­ganza bags. Com­pan­ion plant bras­si­cas with sage to pro­tect them from hun­gry cab­bage

moth cater­pil­lars, or place bread bag ties on small stakes near crops to con­fuse the moths as they think your gar­den is al­ready oc­cu­pied!

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