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You will need pen­cil; ruler; ap­prox 80cm x 80cm of leather (at least 1.5mm thick­ness); scis­sors; hole puncher; 2 x laun­dry pegs or bull­dog clips.

ONE Use pen­cil and ruler to draw a 60cm x 70cm rec­tan­gle on back of leather.

TWO On the left shorter edge, mea­sure and draw a 20cm hor­i­zon­tal line 20cm from the top edge. Draw a sec­ond 20cm par­al­lel line, 20cm from the bot­tom edge.

THREE Re­peat on the right hand shorter edge, draw­ing two 20cm hor­i­zon­tal lines, 20cm from top and 20cm from bot­tom.

FOUR Cut these lines with scis­sors so you’re left with three flaps ei­ther side. You may want to trim the outer flaps into a curved shape like we have done, or sim­ply leave as is.

FIVE Pull the two outer flaps to­wards each other, in front of the mid­dle flap, and clip into place with pegs or clips.

SIX Punch a hole in each flap. Push pen­cil through hole to mark hole points on mid­dle flap, then punch holes with hole punch.

SEVEN Cut a new strip of leather ap­prox 1cm x 20cm. Thread this through all four holes and tie in place.

EIGHT Re­peat steps five to seven on the other side of the bas­ket.

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