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You will need pen­cil; wall brack­ets; screws and drill or screw­driver; skate­board decks.

ONE With a pen­cil, mark a hor­i­zon­tal line on the wall to indi­cate the de­sired height of each shelf.

TWO Place the brack­ets on this line and mark the hole place­ments.

THREE Drill a screw through the bracket to fas­ten it to the wall.

FOUR Re­peat with sec­ond bracket. FIVE To fas­ten the skate­board deck, ei­ther mark with pen­cil and pre-drill holes through the board, or fas­ten to the brack­ets with strong mount­ing tape or build­ing sil­i­cone. If plan­ning to place heavy weight on the shelves, or in­stall them in a young child’s room, we rec­om­mend al­ways fas­ten­ing with screws.

SIX Mark the drill holes for the sec­ond shelf, en­sur­ing that the brack­ets are per­fectly in line with the above bracket. You might want to mea­sure the dis­tance from the wall to get the po­si­tion ex­act.

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