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Here’s how she cre­ates her unique painted draw­ers...

ONE First I re­move and set aside the drawer han­dles. I re­pair any holes, dents or gaps us­ing filler/bog, glue and, if nec­es­sary, clamps. Then I use paint strip­per and paint scrap­ers to re­move any paint or var­nish on the draw­ers.

TWO Us­ing the sander, I strip the wood right back so I can see what I am work­ing with. Then I blow the whole unit with the com­pres­sor to en­sure it’s com­pletely dust-free in­side and out.

THREE Now it’s time to be­gin the de­sign process. This is where the ruler, tape mea­sure and mask­ing tape come into play. Lots of maths and pre­cise mea­sure­ments are re­quired to achieve an even, well-balanced de­sign. The mask­ing tape is very im­por­tant to cre­ate straight clean lines. (I use one which is more like a Washi tape and needs to be rubbed onto wood to seal it.)

FOUR Here comes the fun part: I ap­ply the paint!

FIVE Once the painted draw­ers are dry, it’s time for the han­dles. I will ei­ther re­use old, cleaned han­dles or spray-paint them a dif­fer­ent colour. Or maybe I’ll go for some­thing else (see the rope knots used as han­dles on the draw­ers above). The de­sign is the hero and the han­dles are there to en­hance the de­sign. If nec­es­sary, I’ll drill new holes for the han­dles.

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