Build your cat or dog a fun new home with this project by Beci Or­pin.

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A DIY pet play­house for your cat or dog.


This cute con­struc­tion is pleas­ing to the eye, func­tional and, with a tex­tured scratch­ing sur­face, suit­able for cats as well as small dogs. YOU WILL NEED cir­cu­lar saw; pen­cil and ruler; 2.4m x 1.2m piece of 12mm ply­wood; round tem­plate, about 20cm di­am­e­ter; elec­tric drill; jig­saw; medium-grit sand­pa­per; cloth or rag; PVA glue; 12 x 30mm screws, or a ham­mer and

12 x 25mm nails; fine-grit sand­pa­per; scis­sors; of­f­cuts of in­dus­trial felt or car­pet, or any­thing with a good sur­face for cats to scratch, 50cm square; cush­ion pins; 2 pieces of durable fab­ric, about

35cm square; round tem­plate, about 30cm di­am­e­ter; sewing ma­chine and thread; cush­ion stuff­ing; nee­dle and thread; wool; pom­pom maker.

Note: There will be some wood left over.

ONE Us­ing the cir­cu­lar saw, blade tilted 30 de­grees in­wards, mitre along one long edge of the ply­wood panel. Then, with the blade still tilted in­wards, cut out a 50cm-wide strip down the length of the ply­wood, en­sur­ing the two mitred edges are fac­ing in­wards.

TWO With the blade of the saw tilted back 90 de­grees, cut the strip into three 50cm-long pan­els. You should have three 50cm square pan­els, each with two mitred edges.

THREE Take one panel and draw a cir­cle in the cen­tre for the “peep­hole” us­ing your tem­plate.

FOUR Drill a hole at the edge of the cir­cle to start you off.

FIVE Cut around the marked cir­cle with the jig­saw.

SIX Use the medium-grit sand­pa­per to sand all the edges of the pan­els un­til smooth. Sand around the in­side of the hole. Dust off with the cloth.

SEVEN Glue the pan­els to­gether to cre­ate the pyra­mid. Make sure you match the an­gles of the pan­els as shown.

EIGHT Add some screws us­ing the elec­tric drill, or use a ham­mer and nails to se­cure the pan­els in place. Use fine-grit sand­pa­per to sand all sur­faces and edges, then dust off with the cloth.

NINE Cut the felt to size and glue it to the side with­out the peep­hole. I used three strips of felt in dif­fer­ent colours.

TEN To make the cush­ion, pin the two squares of fab­ric to­gether. Us­ing your tem­plate, draw a cir­cle onto the fab­ric about 30cm in di­am­e­ter. Cut out two cir­cles from the fab­ric, adding a 1cm seam al­lowance all round.

ELEVEN Pin the right sides to­gether. Sew around the edge, leav­ing a 10cm open­ing. Turn right side out and fill with the stuff­ing. Hand-stitch hole closed.

TWELVE For the pom­pom, wind wool around pom­pom maker and, once full, cut the wool.

Place some string (I used a length of wool) around the cut wool, then pull it tight and tie a knot to keep in place. Trim your pom­pom and hang it at the en­trance to the pyra­mid.


(From left) East Coast Pets Go Fetch felted wool dog toy, $16, from Hard to Find. Rope dog lead, $5, from Kmart. Bow tie cat col­lar in Polka­dot, $3, from Kmart. Fuzz­yard pet bowl in Bub­ble­li­cious Pink, small, $14.95, from Pets Palace.













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