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Twist car­pets have a time­less look and work well for fam­i­lies with pets, as claws are less likely to get caught in the car­pet. The yarn is twisted which causes the pile to lie in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions, giv­ing a more tex­tured ap­pear­ance.

Hard-wear­ing, loop car­pets don’t show foot­prints as eas­ily as other styles. The car­pet pile ac­tu­ally forms a loop – it comes from the back­ing to its full height, forms a loop and re­turns to the back­ing.

Plush car­pets are soft un­der­foot, so best in bed­rooms or low-traf­fic ar­eas. The plush ef­fect is achieved by cut­ting the loops and then shear­ing the tips. “Pile re­verse shad­ing” is where the colour can dif­fer when it’s walked on or vac­u­umed.

Con­tem­po­rary tex­tured car­pets are made up of loops and/or cut fi­bres of vary­ing heights to form the tex­tured style. They in­clude flat weave, level cut loop, cut and loop, and high low loop.


Provin­cial Lane Creek­wood in Can­dlewick, from $71/m2 (sup­ply only), from Car­pet Court.


Te­muka As­pir­ing in Levin, from $55.90/m2 (sup­ply only), from Choices Floor­ing.


Glen Eden in Cot­ton­seed, $45.90/m2 (in­stalled) from De­coRug.


Red­book Green Scenic Rise in Sil­ver Frost, from $75/m2 (sup­ply only), from Car­pet Court.


Sisal in Ori­en­tal Rush, $65/m2 (sup­ply only), from The Nat­u­ral Floor­cov­er­ing Cen­tres.


Cava­lier Brem­worth Le­gato in Sil­ver Birch, from $70.50/m2 (sup­ply only), from Choices Floor­ing.

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