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You will need scis­sors; em­broi­dery thread; nee­dle; nap­kins (ours are Mor­gan & Finch Mi­lano nap­kins from Bed Bath N’ Ta­ble). ONE Cut ap­prox 2m of thread.

TWO Tie a knot at one end and thread the other through the nee­dle. THREE Start­ing at the cor­ner of a nap­kin and 1cm from the edge, bring your nee­dle through from the back and pull all the way through. FOUR Bring your nee­dle up over the edge of the nap­kin, then back through the same hole.

FIVE Be­fore pulling tight, bring nee­dle through the loop and then pull tight. SIX Now bring your nee­dle through the back, 1cm to the right of your first en­try point.

SEVEN Pull thread through and be­fore pulling tight, bring the nee­dle through the loop, then pull tight. The stitch leaves a line of thread along the very edge of your nap­kin. EIGHT Re­peat this un­til you fin­ish. NINE Tie a few knots on your last stitch to hold in place.

TEN Trim ex­cess thread.

Typ­i­cally, the height of your stitch should be the same as the width.

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