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You will need ruler; scis­sors; macrame rope (ours is Crafters Choice in Off White from Spot­light); large round wooden bead; brass ring; round glass mir­ror, 3 small wooden beads.

ONE Mea­sure and cut 3 pieces of 2m rope. Knot pieces to­gether at one end, leav­ing about 10cm. TWO Thread large bead through one piece of rope, then tie to brass ring. Trim ex­cess rope to neaten. THREE Place mir­ror face down and place rope pieces down its back. FOUR Keep mid­dle piece of rope down cen­tre of mir­ror as back­bone. FIVE Tie other two pieces at base of mir­ror then bring around to front and up to about 10cm from top. SIX Bring across back of mir­ror; tie to­gether with back­bone rope piece. SEVEN Re­peat these steps to bring strands across front of mir­ror at vary­ing places.

EIGHT Fin­ish with a knot at base.

NINE Tie smaller beads to rope.

TEN Trim for a neat fin­ish.

Tip Find these “cen­tre­piece” mir­rors at wed­ding/event stores or op shops.

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