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You will need old lamp; trac­ing pa­per; scis­sors; wall­pa­per; pen­cil; ruler; re­mov­able tape; dou­ble-sided tape; clear craft glue; dec­o­ra­tive trim; scalpel.

ONE Re­move old shade from lamp, leav­ing core in­tact. Wrap trac­ing pa­per around shade; trim to fit. Trim tem­plate join to form straight line from top to bot­tom.

TWO Lay wall­pa­per, de­sign face up, on flat sur­face. Place tem­plate on wall­pa­per so mo­tif is po­si­tioned as de­sired. Us­ing a pen­cil and ruler, trace ends of tem­plate ex­actly. Add 3cm ex­tra width to long sides of tem­plate to al­low for over­hang. Cut wall­pa­per.

THREE Se­cure tem­plate us­ing re­mov­able tape. Us­ing scis­sors, cut wall­pa­per just down to tem­plate ev­ery 2cm to form tabs.

FOUR Cut dou­ble-sided tape in half length­ways to make a thin strip; press on in­side of shade, top and bot­tom. Re­move pro­tec­tive strip from tape. Po­si­tion wall­pa­per around shade and glue seam in place as straight as pos­si­ble. Press tabs firmly to dou­ble-sided tape so they stick and hold in place.

FIVE Glue dec­o­ra­tive trim to edge of lampshade. Cut trim to meet on join­ing seam of wall­pa­per. Us­ing scalpel, trim ex­posed tabs on in­side of shade to edge of trim.

TIP Add se­quins to mo­tifs for a 3D ef­fect.





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