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You will need piece of ply­wood, 2250mm x 600mm x 30mm; cir­cu­lar saw; nail gun; nails; putty; sand­pa­per; paint; paint roller; mer­bau FJ lam­i­nated panel, 1800 x 600 x 26mm; drill driver; bor­ing drill bit; soft close 0mm crank hinges; im­pact driver; 220mm soft close lid stay (left and right); Ma­trix Halo decor screen, 1800 x 900 x 7mm; bench cush­ions.

ONE Have Bun­nings cut ply­wood to suit the cho­sen size of your box seats, or cut at home us­ing a cir­cu­lar saw.

TWO Fix walls of box to­gether us­ing a nail gun. Putty over nails and sand ply­wood to pre­pare for paint­ing.

THREE Paint box us­ing roller for quick and easy re­sults.

FOUR Us­ing a cir­cu­lar saw, cut a lid from the mer­bau panel to fit the shape of the box.

FIVE Use drill driver with bor­ing drill bit to make shal­low hole in lid to fit crank hinge (do not drill through lid). Fit crank hinge in hole; use im­pact driver to screw into place. Screw other side of crank hinge to box seat.

SIX At­tach soft close lid stay to left and right sides of lid and box seat.

SEVEN Cut screen to fit front of the box seat. Paint as de­sired. At­tach us­ing nail gun. Po­si­tion bench cush­ion.

Dou­ble duty

The cus­tom-built box seat pro­vides hid­den stor­age – and it’s easy on the eye!

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