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You will need scis­sors; up­hol­stery fab­ric; tape mea­sure; dress­maker pins; 2m white pom­pom trim (from Spot­light); nee­dle; white thread; sewing ma­chine; hobby fill or cush­ion in­sert; zip­per or but­tons, if de­sired.

ONE Cut two pieces of fab­ric mea­sur­ing 60cm x 40cm.

TWO Pin pom­pom trim across the front of one piece. For our cush­ion, we fol­lowed the di­ag­o­nal pat­tern of the fab­ric, how­ever, plac­ing trim hor­i­zon­tally would look great, too!

THREE Use a nee­dle and thread to hand-stitch the trim into place with small stitches.

FOUR Place the fab­ric pieces to­gether, right sides fac­ing in.

Pin to­gether around the sides.

FIVE Use the sewing ma­chine, set to small straight stitches, to stitch along three sides of the fab­ric.

SIX Turn cush­ion right way out. In­sert hobby fill or cush­ion in­sert.

SEVEN Fin­ish the un­stitched side by ei­ther stitch­ing them to­gether; in­sert­ing a zip­per; or cre­at­ing but­ton holes and adding but­tons, for a neater look.

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