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You will need Dig­gers Iso­propyl Al­co­hol; clean rag; pen­cil; door­knobs (we got ours from Bun­nings); strong wall mount­ing tape (we rec­om­mend Tarzan’s Grip Mount­ing Tape).

ONE Clean the wall sur­face well with iso­propyl spray and a clean rag. Leave to dry nat­u­rally.

TWO Us­ing a pen­cil, mark a small dot on the wall where you would like the hooks to sit.

THREE Ap­ply mount­ing tape to the back of a doorknob and place on the wall. Ap­ply pres­sure to the doorknob for at least 5 min­utes to en­sure a strong hold on the wall. Tip To en­sure the hooks stay in place, clean your wall well. But first, test the iso­propyl spray in an in­con­spic­u­ous area of the wall to en­sure there’s no dam­age to the paint.

Use door­knobs in dif­fer­ent sizes for coats, bags and hats.

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