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Citrus trees need reg­u­lar wa­ter­ing and ap­pli­ca­tions of fer­tiliser to do well. It’s rec­om­mended to fer­tilise with blood and bone or well-rot­ted an­i­mal ma­nures ev­ery three to four months. Also ap­ply a spe­cial citrus fer­tiliser in win­ter to help sus­tain fruits; spread it evenly around the tree and wa­ter in well af­ter the ap­pli­ca­tion. Be care­ful not to al­low fer­tilis­ers to touch or build up around the trunk. If you have citrus in tubs, use slow-re­lease fer­tiliser reg­u­larly, as well as ma­nure pel­lets ev­ery sea­son.


If your citrus is not fruit­ing, it’s prob­a­bly due to a lack of sun or food. Citrus trees are known as gross feed­ers, mean­ing that they need reg­u­lar ap­pli­ca­tions of fer­tiliser. Fruit drop can also be a prob­lem, most likely caused by ir­reg­u­lar wa­ter sup­ply when young fruits are form­ing (straight af­ter blos­som­ing) – this nor­mally co­in­cides with the first hit of hot weather when trees are par­tic­u­larly sen­si­tive. Air pol­lu­tion can be an­other rea­son, as young buds don’t like smog, so if the air qual­ity is bad dur­ing this time, your citrus crop can suf­fer as a re­sult.

Nur­ture growth Wa­ter and fer­tiliser are es­sen­tial for a happy citrus.

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