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You will need tape mea­sure; small pot or tin for your plant; Cray­ola Air-Dry Clay in White from Spot­light; rolling pin; ruler; a round ob­ject to cre­ate dim­ples.

ONE Mea­sure the height and cir­cum­fer­ence of the pot or tin and take note for later.

TWO Wash your hands thor­oughly to en­sure you don’t make marks in the white clay.

THREE Knead the clay for at least 1 minute to soften it.

FOUR Form the clay into a ball and place on a clean and dry flat sur­face. Use a rolling pin to roll clay un­til it forms a 1.5cm-thick rec­tan­gle that is 5cm longer than your pot’s cir­cum­fer­ence and about 3cm wider than the height of your pot.

FIVE To cre­ate straight and neat edges, push a ruler into the edges of clay and dis­card ex­cess.

SIX Gen­tly use the clay to form a tube around your pot.

SEVEN Fas­ten the two edges to­gether by gen­tly press­ing the clay to­gether. Smooth the seam.

EIGHT To cre­ate the dim­ples, press a round ob­ject into the clay in straight rows with dim­ples al­ter­nat­ing to the row above.

NINE Al­low to air-dry fol­low­ing clay packet in­struc­tions.

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