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You will need scis­sors; ruler or tape mea­sure; 2m of cot­ton fab­ric (ours is from Spot­light); dress­maker pins; sewing ma­chine.

ONE Cut two 50cm x 75cm pieces of fab­ric. Cut two 50cm x 90cm pieces of fab­ric.

TWO Us­ing dress­maker pins to se­cure, fold down 1cm from one short end on each piece of fab­ric. Press with an iron.

THREE For the 90cm-long pieces, fold down a fur­ther 13cm and press with an iron.

FOUR Match­ing the fab­ric’s good side, pin to­gether 1 long and 1 short piece, with hemmed edges at same end un­pinned. Re­peat for re­main­ing fab­ric pieces. FIVE Stitch to­gether pil­low­case sides, leav­ing hemmed ends un­stitched. Fold pil­low­cases right-side out.

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