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Wrap 1 ball of yarn from top to bot­tom around the picture frame or a piece of card­board that is the height you de­sire for your wall hang­ing. Cut through the yarn along one edge. Re­peat with the re­main­ing balls of yarn.

Place the branch on the ta­ble. Take one piece of yarn and fold in half. Take the mid­dle over the branch and pull under the branch to­wards you. Open the loop and feed the two tail ends through.

Pull tight to form a knot around the branch.

Con­tinue knot­ting the lengths of yarn to the branch, mov­ing the knots close to­gether as you go.

Plait some pieces of the yarn. Mak­ing some smaller and some chunkier re­ally adds to the ef­fect.

When you have reached your de­sired width, cut the yarn tails on a di­ag­o­nal, or give it a rounded edge or a point at the cen­tre.

Tie some eu­ca­lyp­tus leaves or dried flow­ers ran­domly through­out the wall-hang­ing.

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