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1 Ap­ply two coats of white paint to pot with roller and al­low to dry be­tween coats.

2 Mea­sure the size of your pot and de­ter­mine the size of the breezeblock pat­tern re­quired.

3 To make a sten­cil for the pat­tern, search onine for a breezeblock pat­tern and print to the size re­quired, or draw one onto thin card.

4 Us­ing a craft knife and me­tal ruler, cut out the in­ner shapes of your sten­cil (the black ar­eas).

5 Fas­ten tem­plate into po­si­tion on the pot with sticky tape.

6 Dab foam brush into black paint and dab off ex­cess onto scrap pa­per.

7 Ap­ply paint to sten­cil in up and down dab­bing mo­tion all over the sten­cil.

8 Re­move sten­cil while wet and al­low pot and sten­cil to dry.

9 Once dry, place sten­cil in the next po­si­tion and re­peat un­til fin­ished.

10 Add pot­ting mix, a plant and quartz stones to fin­ish.

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