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1 Mea­sure 4 pick­ets at 45cm, 2 pick­ets at 47cm, and 2 pick­ets at 28cm. Cut with saw. Sand edges.

2 Ap­ply a coat of paint to all pieces then wipe with pa­per towel to achieve a white­wash fin­ish.

3 Once dry, rub ran­dom ar­eas with sand­pa­per to give an aged look.

4 Ar­range the 45cm pick­ets next to each other. Place the 47cm pick­ets along the two long edges. Place the 28cm pick­ets along the shorter ends.

5 Ham­mer nails along all con­nect­ing edges to fas­ten to­gether (you might need a buddy to help hold ev­ery­thing to­gether).

6 Drill two holes in the shorter ends for your han­dles. Sand the sur­face. Feed rope through the holes from the out­side. Tie knots on the in­side to se­cure.

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