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Some plants, like frangi­pa­nis, have the most ex­tra­or­di­nary abil­ity to strike from huge pieces, giv­ing you in­stant trees. All you need to do is cut a firm branch about 3050cm long, let it dry out in an airy sunny spot for a few weeks to stop it bleed­ing, then plant it in its new po­si­tion with a stake for sup­port un­til the roots grow. Wa­ter spar­ingly. It’s that sim­ple!

Other ways to prop­a­gate plants in­clude di­vi­sion. Many peren­ni­als

(such as aga­pan­thus, can­nas, kan­ga­roo paws, cliveas, cast iron plant and many more) form clumps which can be di­vided up into sep­a­rate plants, and in­deed ben­e­fit from be­ing bro­ken up. Don’t be afraid to get your spade into them, cut­ting them into sec­tions, but make sure each group still has some roots. Plant into ma­nure-en­riched soil and wa­ter well un­til re-es­tab­lished. Al­though it will vary from plant to plant, au­tumn and win­ter are of­ten the best sea­sons to di­vide.

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