Sal­vage and show­case rem­nants that are too pretty to throw away.

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Four good-look­ing wall­pa­per projects.


To make a headboard for a queen bed, you’ll need a 12mm-thick piece of MDF 80cm x 167cm (or cut it to the width of your bed plus 14cm). Mea­sure wall­pa­per to cover MDF, al­low­ing an ex­tra 10cm top and bot­tom and match­ing the pat­tern all the way across, then cut the wall­pa­per. Ap­ply clear craft glue all over back of wall­pa­per and stick to MDF, wrap­ping ends over top and bot­tom of MDF. Let dry. To make a trim for the sides, cut 2 strips of MDF 3cm x 80cm and paint in de­sired colour (we used a black sam­ple pot). When dry, use liq­uid nails to glue strips to front of headboard, down each side; this cre­ates a nice trim and cov­ers the wall­pa­per edges. When dry, at­tach heavy-duty mirror-hang­ing hooks to back and hang on wall.


Cre­ate a state­ment mirror by re­vamp­ing an old one. First re­move mirror from frame. Cut wall­pa­per and wrap it around the frame, mak­ing sure you match the pat­tern at any joins (po­si­tion joins as un­ob­tru­sively as pos­si­ble). Cut slits so the wall­pa­per can fold around the cor­ners neatly. Stick wall­pa­per to back of frame with clear craft glue. If the mirror is go­ing to hang in a wet area (or for ex­tra longevity) seal with a coat of clear van­ish. Once dry, place the mirror back into the frame.


For a new look, line a tray with an of­f­cut of strik­ing wall­pa­per. Cut the wall­pa­per to fit the base and glue down with clear craft glue. When dry, seal with a coat of clear van­ish.


Re­use an old frame (or buy a new one) and add some wall­pa­per to show­case a print you love.

2 Give a mirror frame a fresh new look.

Turn your bed­head into a fea­ture piece. 1

4 Hang two or more “prints” in dif­fer­ent sizes for im­pact.

3 Try a fab­u­lous, fuss-free tray makeover in no time at all.

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