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Hands on with four new hunters

EEVOLVE PLAT­FORM: PC, Xbox One, PS4 CAT­E­GORY: Mul­ti­player Shooter DE­VEL­OPER: Tur­tle Rock Stu­dios PUB­LISHER: 2K Games DUE: Oc­to­ber 21

volve is shap­ing up to be one of the most ex­cit­ing mul­ti­player shoot­ers to be re­leased this year. De­vel­oped by Tur­tle Rock Stu­dios, al­ready well known for their co­op­er­a­tive shooter se­ries, Left 4 Dead, Evolve takes the four player team con­cept one step fur­ther by pit­ting them against a sin­gle player con­trolled en­emy, a mas­sive monster more than ca­pa­ble of killing any one of the char­ac­ters in one on one com­bat when it first spawns and the equal of any group when it evolves to its fi­nal form. We’ve pre­vi­ously had hands on with the four base char­ac­ters and archetypes – Markov (As­sault), Grif­fin (Trap­per), Val (Medic) and Hank (Sup­port) – as well as one of the mon­sters, but at a re­cent hands on event we had a chance to get to know a sec­ond group of hunters who play very dif­fer­ently from the orig­i­nals.

HYDE AND SEEK >> These new hunters fall into the same class roles as the first group and have the same core skill – a per­sonal shield for As­sault, mo­bile arena for Trap­per, group heal for Medic and group cloak for Sup­port – but play vastly dif­fer­ently. Whereas Markov uses mid to long range weapons for deal­ing dam­age and mines to make life hard for the monster, Hyde, the sec­ond an­nounced As­sault char­ac­ter, likes to take a more up close and per­sonal ap­proach. He is equipped with a mini­gun to do dam­age at range but his most ef­fec­tive weapon by far, a flamethrower, has the short­est range of any weapon so far re­vealed, al­most ne­ces­si­tat­ing the char­ac­ter be in melee range for it to be ef­fec­tive. Hyde is also equipped with toxic grenades that re­lease a cloud of fumes that do con­stant dam­age to the monster as long as it re­mains in the cloud.

Rather than us­ing sonar py­lons to lo­cate the monster like Grif­fin, the sec­ond Trap­per, Mag­gie re­lies in­stead on her pet Trap­jaw, Daisy (a mas­sive alien dog thing) to sniff out the monster.

Daisy op­er­ated much like an au­ton­o­mous fifth mem­ber of the hunt­ing party, search­ing for the monster, act­ing as an ex­tra tough tar­get and even try­ing to re­vive fallen hunters by af­fec­tion­ately lick­ing their faces. Mag­gie is also armed with a medium range SMG and har­poon mines that are trig­gered by the monster and tether it in place for a short while.

JOHN 11:25 >> The fi­nal two char­ac­ters, the Medic and Sup­port, play re­mark­ably dif­fer­ent from their coun­ter­parts. The base­line Medic and Sup­port, Val and Hank, play in a sim­i­lar man­ner, with both be­ing equipped with beams that can heal and shield re­spec­tively. Lazarus, the new medic, isn’t a healer. He has ac­cess to the small group heal that is com­mon to all Medic char­ac­ters but rather than keep­ing play­ers up with a heal­ing beam, Lazarus is geared to­wards quickly re­viv­ing fallen hunters. To that end, Lazarus is equipped with a per­sonal cloak­ing de­vice en­abling him to reach downed com­pan­ions un­mo­lested and the “Lazarus De­vice”, a sort of su­per de­fib­ril­la­tor.

Bucket the sup­port ro­bot is al­most the po­lar op­po­site of Hank when it comes to play style. Hank is de­fen­sive sup­port, shield­ing party mem­bers from dam­age, cloak­ing the group and oc­ca­sion­ally call­ing in an airstrike, but Bucket is very much an of­fen­sive sup­port char­ac­ter. The ro­bot can (some­what dis­turbingly) pull off his own head to use as a UAV to spot the monster, a neat trick that leaves his body mo­tion­less and vul­ner­a­ble un­til the head re­turns. Bucket’s ro­botic in­nards con­tain a num­ber of sen­try guns that can be de­ployed to ei­ther do sub­stan­tial dam­age to the monster or to make a lo­ca­tion too dan­ger­ous for it to fight in. He’s also equipped with a laser guided mis­sile launcher. Can't com­plain about that.

"....clever girl." We ask you: who's the REAL monster in this sce­nario? (Hint: it's the gi­ant monster)

"Peek-a-bo- OH GOD MY FACE!"

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