Wolfen­stein: The New Or­der

DAVE KOZ­ICKI digs Fast and Führer-ious gun­play

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MTHERE WILL BE BLOOD >> We’re go­ing to breeze right past the story. Not be­cause it’s bad, but be­cause it’s sur­pris­ingly good, filled with twists and messed up mo­ments you’ll be cov­er­ing your mouth in dis­be­lief. We will tell you this, you play ‘Mer­i­can hero Wil­liam ‘B.J.’ Blazkow­icz who, mid-fire­fight in 1944, takes an ex­plo­sive swan dive out of a chalet, gar­ners a four-inch piece of il­i­tary based shoot­ers are noth­ing new. Nei­ther are those set in World War II. Hell, nei­ther is the Wolfen­stein fran­chise or its lead Wil­liam B.J. Blazkow­icz. To sur­vive and thrive in this genre you need to try some­thing dif­fer­ent and take chances. Now Wolfen­stein: The New Or­der doesn’t ex­actly rein­vent the wheel. What it does, how­ever, is give you a blood-soaked tale of re­venge, colourful and mem­o­rable char­ac­ters, over the top hero­ics, mul­ti­ple path­ways and gun­play styles and even throws in a love story which doesn’t feel forced or make you want to puke. Yep, what Wolfen­stein: The New Or­der does, it does well. shrap­nel in his noo­dle and stays in a veg­e­ta­tive state for 14 years.

The war passes him by with the Re­ich hit­ting full stride mak­ing the world its bitch. When he abruptly awak­ens to the new world or­der he must be­come a one-man army, free­ing and re­cruit­ing mem­bers to the newly formed Re­sis­tance and spank Fritz’s arse back to the Stone Age. De­vel­oper MachineGames doesn’t shy away from the atroc­i­ties of the Nazi’s with cold hard looks at forced labour and con­cen­tra­tion camps, ge­netic ex­per­i­men­ta­tion and the ab­duc­tion of sci­en­tists to de­velop ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy.

The heavy tone should feel out of place given the high ve­loc­ity pac­ing and bursts of com­edy, but it walks the line just right and doesn’t feel too ham-fisted. Out­side of the plot buckle up for all the big set-pieces you could dream of. Prison break? Got it. U-boats? Them too. Moon base in­fil­tra­tion? You bet your arse! You’ll be globe (and moon) trot­ting and shoo­ti­fy­ing goose-step­pers away with a sur­pris­ingly deep tool­kit of death at your fin­ger­tips.

AKIMBO SLICE >> Like to play it sneaky sneaky? Sniff out al­ter­nate route, equip a si­lencer and ghost en­e­mies de­li­ciously with a dag­ger to the ham­string be­fore pen­e­trat­ing the throat. Ex­e­cute com­man­ders to elim­i­nate the call for re­in­force­ments and mop up the strag­glers. This style

Prison break? Got it. U-boats? them too. moon base in­fil­tra­tion? YoU bet YoUr arse!

of play un­locks Stealth perks so you can throw knives (a one hit kill), re­duce the sound you make while sprint­ing and even marks en­emy com­man­ders on your map. Maybe a more mea­sured and de­lib­er­ate ap­proach is more your style? Elim­i­nate the op­po­si­tion while peek­ing out from cover and earn yourself Tac­ti­cal perks such as faster health re­gen­er­a­tion, reload

speeds and larger mag­a­zines. Want to make a won­der­ful hor­ri­ble mess? Al­most your en­tire ar­se­nal can be dual-wielded with the pay­off a bul­let bal­let as you surf down a vir­tual river of blood. Heads ex­plode and coat the walls as you deliver Michael Bay in­spir­ing ret­ri­bu­tion. Oh god, it’s mag­nif­i­cent! Full metal jacket types claim As­sault perks which fo­cus on speed, ar­mour and am­mu­ni­tion boosts spe­cific to dual-wield­ing.

If you like to make an en­trance De­mo­li­tions is for you. Grenades kablamo on im­pact, you can re­turn in­com­ing or­di­nance back to sender, va­por­ise Krauts in­stantly and re­duce ex­plo­sive dam­age taken. The beauty of the en­tire perk sys­tem is you can fol­low any or all skill trees at a whim. It re­wards your play style and doesn’t limit you to one facet.

SPAWN KAMPFER >> MachineGames wants you to give you the Wolfen­stein ex­pe­ri­ence you want. If you only want to run and gun and oblit­er­ate ev­ery­thing in sight, you can do that. Bod­ies hit the floor and it’s a tremen­dously sat­is­fy­ing shooter. Those who pre­fer to bring their lunch, pack a pic­nic and stay for the day will en­joy the deeper in­sight gained through read­ing the co­pi­ous news­pa­per clip­pings which flesh out this al­ter­nate time­line.

You’ll un­cover side mis­sions and back sto­ries to the bro­ken mem­bers of the Re­sis­tance, learn what they strug­gle with and why. You’ll stum­ble upon gold trin­kets, record­ings and letters which flesh out the ques­tion­able tac­tics em­ployed by both sides blur­ring the line be­tween hero and vil­lain in the theatre of war. Ex­plo­ration also pays off more tan­gi­bly with per­ma­nent health in­creases for those savvy blood­hounds, so take your time and in­ves­ti­gate. You won’t re­gret it.

While we’re mostly singing its praises there are mo­ments of en­emy AI in­con­sis­ten­cies which pull Wolfen­stein: The New Or­der down from true Aryan sta­tus. If some Shultz catches a glimpse of you he’ll cau­tiously ap­proach your last po­si­tion and in­ves­ti­gate. If you’re in plain sight ex­pect to run from sup­press­ing fire and they’ll flank you. These are all good things. They will also, how­ever, walk right past or even over a dead body if you’re play­ing it quiet like and not even bat an eye tak­ing a lit­tle of the shine and ten­sion off the stealth-based el­e­ments.

THE RE­ICH STUFF >> The New Or­der suc­ceeds as it doesn’t limit your op­tions, but en­cour­ages you to di­ver­sify and re­wards you ac­cord­ingly. Play it your way and reap the ben­e­fits. The mesh of com­edy, uber-vi­o­lence, heart­felt mo­ments and even ex­is­ten­tial ex­am­i­na­tions shouldn’t work at all when thrown to­gether into the melt­ing pot. Some­how the mix co­a­lesces into a rock solid shooter with a com­pelling plot which you’ll want to see through as you bring the Nazi war ma­chine to its knees. Viva la Re­sis­tance!

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