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Koei-Tecmo’s Omega Force team have to be some of the busiest folks in the in­dus­try. Ever since Dy­nasty War­riors be­came a huge hit, the com­pany’s been laser-fo­cused on tak­ing its proven for­mula to new and in­ter­est­ing fron­tiers beyond his­tor­i­cal fan­tasy. We’ve re­cently seen Fist of the North Star, One Piece, Dragon Quest, Zelda, and even Gun­dam get the 'one-man army dec­i­mat­ing hordes of weak foes' ac­tion-game treat­ment. Now, Omega Force is tak­ing on the big­gest an­ime and manga prop­erty in years, At­tack on Ti­tan – but they’re chang­ing things up quite a bit.

In the world of At­tack on Ti­tan, hu­man­ity is un­der siege, liv­ing in fear of grotesque, gi­gan­tic hu­manoid be­ings known as titans. Lit­tle is known about these mas­sive, mys­te­ri­ous mon­sters, ex­cept that they con­sume hu­mans for rea­sons un­known. Eren Yaeger watched as his mother was killed by a ti­tan, and years later, he and his friends Mikasa and Arin have joined the elite Sur­vey Corps – a mil­i­tary group spe­cially trained to com­bat the titans, who have few weak­nesses and can re­gen­er­ate quickly.

Con­sid­er­ing the premise, it’s clear that a tra­di­tional War­riors-style game wouldn’t work – Titans don’t go down eas­ily. In­stead, Omega Force has cre­ated a game that cap­tures the in­tense strug­gle the Sur­vey Corps must un­dergo in or­der to slay these ter­ri­fy­ing crea­tures. Play­ers con­trol char­ac­ters equipped with Om­niDirec­tional Mo­bil­ity Gear, which al­lows them to achieve the mo­bil­ity and height nec­es­sary to strike at Ti­tan weak spots while also zip­ping around large bat­tle­fields. By us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of the ODMG and a fuel-pow­ered booster, the player can vault around large ar­eas very quickly – a vi­tal tech­nique when mul­ti­ple titans are at­tack­ing at once and peo­ple all around the level need res­cu­ing from the mon­strous foes.

Strik­ing a ti­tan down isn’t as easy as mash­ing a but­ton for a flashy combo, ei­ther. In or­der to kill a ti­tan, you must tar­get the vul­ner­a­ble points on its body by an­chor­ing your ODMG to the beast, then leap and jet in for a swift, clean kill. De­pend­ing on where you tar­get the ti­tan and how well your but­ton-press tim­ing goes, it’s pos­si­ble to slay some titans in a sin­gle slash. You may want to fo­cus on chop­ping off limbs and ap­pendages, how­ever, as they can de­bil­i­tate the titans as well as drop valu­able sup­plies. Judg­ing when to take your time to care­fully dis­sect titans and com­plete aux­il­iary stage goals is im­por­tant, as is re­al­is­ing when to ig­nore ev­ery­thing else for the sake of the pri­mary mis­sion tar­get.

You won’t just play as the hu­man char­ac­ters, how­ever. You’ll also have the op­por­tu­nity to con­trol a ti­tan sev­eral times as part of the story. Ti­tan bat­tles are very dif­fer­ent – you’ll still be fight­ing against other titans, but as a fel­low slow, lum­ber­ing mon­stros­ity. Here, you can per­form sim­ple combo at­tacks, pick up and throw foes, and even un­leash a dev­as­tat­ing Ti­tan Rage at­tack. But don’t ex­pect speedy War­riors-style com­bat here, ei­ther – as a ti­tan, your move­ments are slow and cum­ber­some, and you’ll need to take that into ac­count as you con­front your tow­er­ing en­e­mies.

Gen­uinely in­ter­est­ing an­ime-togame adap­ta­tions are few and far be­tween, but Omega Force has done a su­perb job here of mak­ing the lifeor-death stakes of ti­tan com­bat feel tense and ex­cit­ing. You won’t need to wait long to take them on, ei­ther: At­tack on Ti­tan: Wings of Free­dom is slated to hit at the end of Au­gust.

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DEVELOPER PUB­LISHER PLAT­FORM RE­LEASE DATE Omega Force Koei Tecmo PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbone, PC 26 Au­gust, 2016

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