Res­i­dent Evil VII

Pro­nounced "Res­i­dent Evil... SEVEN!"

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After the ac­tion-driven and mostly un­der­whelm­ing Res­i­dent Evil 6, Cap­com look to be tak­ing the se­ries back to its roots. Much like the orig­i­nal game re­leased back in 1996, the sev­enth in­stal­ment takes place in one lo­ca­tion, the pace is of­ten slow and de­lib­er­ate, and the em­pha­sis is on hor­ror rather than havoc.

There will of course be quite a few new ideas thrown in the mix, but the most dras­tic one is the per­spec­tive. For the first time, Res­i­dent Evil has been de­signed to be played en­tirely in first-per­son.

This makes it a per­fect fit for vir­tual re­al­ity, though the game can be played with or with­out it. In fact, the game be­gan de­vel­op­ment be­fore VR was even con­sid­ered an op­tion. Even so, Cap­com look like they’ll be us­ing the tech­nol­ogy to find new and ex­cit­ing ways to give us all a case of brown trousers.

For ex­am­ple, at one point in the re­cent Lan­tern demo, the player has to inch through a crawl space while be­ing pur­sued by a psy­cho­pathic woman. While us­ing the VR head­set, it cre­ates a nasty feel­ing of claus­tro­pho­bia and dread. Later in the demo, play­ers are strapped to a chair as they wit­ness a mur­der­ous fam­ily have din­ner, with the freak­ish folk get­ting right in their face and even try­ing to force feed them food nas­tier than McDon­ald’s.

Cap­com don’t want to just make play­ers jump, they want to scare them in ways games haven’t done be­fore. To make them feel un­com­fort­able. They want to get in­side their heads and make it an un­pleas­ant place to be.

De­spite the new di­rec­tion in both hor­ror and per­spec­tive, RE7 is still re­tain­ing many main­stays of the se­ries. Re­source man­age­ment and heal­ing herbs make a wel­come re­turn, and so does puz­zle solv­ing.

A sim­ple ex­am­ple of the lat­ter seen in the Lan­tern demo is ro­tat­ing an ob­ject in front of a light pro­jec­tion to cast the shadow of a spi­der, which then opens a se­cret door. So yes, this is def­i­nitely a Res­i­dent Evil game.

Com­bat also makes a re­turn, with some of the planned weapons to be shot­guns, chain­saws, and good ol’ fash­ioned flamethrow­ers, but don’t ex­pect a blast­fest. In fact, in all the pre­view demos seen so far, the player has been left en­tirely help­less, with their only de­fense be­ing to ei­ther run or hide as they’re hunted.

In the Lan­tern demo, the player is stalked by a de­mented old woman named Mar­guerite, a mem­ber of the Baker fam­ily who ap­pear to be game’s pri­mary an­tag­o­nists. It’s their Louisiana plan­ta­tion man­sion where the player has found them­selves, cast in the role of a new char­ac­ter named Ethan who is searching for his wife.

Not too much else has been re­vealed about the story, but of note is that the nar­ra­tive de­signer is one of the folks be­hind Spec Ops: The Line. Links to pre­vi­ous games have been promised, but the main cast is com­pletely new.

With or with­out vir­tual re­al­ity, Res­i­dent Evil 7 looks to bring fresh forms of fear to play­ers ev­ery­where.

"And what did you do to­day, son?" "Oh, you know, killed a guy, ate his brains." "Mm-hm. And you, honey?"

Plat­form PC, XboX one, PlayS­ta­tion 4 Cat­e­gory Sur­vival Hor­ror De­vel­oPer CaP­Com

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Due Jan­uary 24, 2017

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