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Dur­ing the early 90s VR hey­day, Sega de­cided to cre­ate its own head­set for use with the Mega Drive. Pro­to­types were de­vel­oped, games were an­nounced (Vir­tua Rac­ing!) and a 1994 launch was sched­uled. This never hap­pened, and Sega ex­plained that the head­set was ac­tu­ally “too re­al­is­tic,” and they were wor­ried peo­ple might in­jure them­selves. Which is a par­tic­u­larly op­ti­mistic spin, given most peo­ple fa­mil­iar with the project de­scribed it as rub­bish. (For more info, see "Pe­riph­eral Vi­sion" on p.60.)

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