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If you’re a die-hard gamer with a mas­sive Steam li­brary, Sea­gate’s new Guardian Se­ries range of HDDs, fea­tur­ing the Bar­raCuda Pro and FireCuda drives, can help sup­ply large amounts of cost ef­fec­tive stor­age.

A brand you may al­ready be fa­mil­iar with is Bar­raCuda, which has pro­vided re­li­able, fast and value for money stor­age for over 20 years. If you’ve built a com­puter over that time, chances are you’ve in­stalled a Bar­raCuda drive in your rig. The new­est it­er­a­tion of this clas­sic brand is split into two mod­els - the Bar­raCuda and Bar­raCuda Pro. The Bar­racuda Pro is the top of the line HDD in Sea­gate’s Guardian Se­ries, with 6TB, 8TB and a crazy 10TB of ca­pac­ity avail­able in a sin­gle drive. A mas­sive 256MB cache is the star fea­ture of the Bar­raCuda Pro, pro­vid­ing a huge speed boost when ac­cess­ing fre­quently used les and cuts down game load­ing times.


Thanks to the tight 10TB plat­ter den­sity, 7200RPM spin­dle speed and large 256MB cache, the Bar­raCuda Pro is one of the fastest 3.5-inch HDDs on the mar­ket, achiev­ing a max­i­mum sus­tained trans­fer rate of 220MB/s.

The com­bi­na­tion of speed and mas­sive ca­pac­ity means you no longer have to make the tough de­ci­sion on which games to unin­stall when Steam has their next sale. Just in­stall what­ever you want and play it on de­mand. No more wait­ing to down­load 7GB over ADSL be­cause you ran out of hard drive space – just down­load the game once and keep it there. You’ve got up to 10TB, in­stall ev­ery­thing!

The stan­dard Bar­racuda drive comes in sizes from 500GB to to 4TB with up to 7200 RPM spin­dle speed and up to 64MB cache. Whilst not as speedy as the Bar­raCuda Pro, they’re still ex­cel­lent for cheap and re­li­able bulk stor­age of what­ever me­dia you keep on your PC – movies, TV shows or mu­sic. Sea­gate of­fers a 3-year war­ranty on the Bar­raCuda drives and a 5-year war­ranty on the Bar­raCuda Pro.


SSDs may be all the rage, but if you’re a die-hard gamer with a mas­sive Steam li­brary, you just can’t t all those games on a sin­gle SSD with­out pay­ing thou­sands of dol­lars for a large ca­pac­ity ver­sion.

This hy­brid SSD and HDD is per­fect for gamers who still want loads of space for all their games, but also re­quire fast SSD-like load­ing times.

These com­bi­na­tion SSD and HDD units are called SSHDs (solid state hy­brid drive). The FireCuda is paired with a 7200RPM drive with a 256MB cache, so even if the data you need isn’t on the SSD, it’ll still be fairly quick to ac­cess, as op­posed to the rather se­date 5900RPM drives wioth much smaller cache cur­rently avail­able.

the Bar­raCuda Pro is one of the fastest 3.5-inch HDDs on the mar­ket

The FireCuda com­bines an 8GB MLC SSD with 1TB or 2TB HDD so you can en­joy the best of both SSD and HDD worlds. Sea­gate pro­vide a 5-year war­ranty on the FireCuda SSHD, giv­ing you peace of mind that any trou­ble you face will be taken care of.


Per­for­mance on an SSHD is much faster than a stan­dard HDD, with game load times 5x faster and boot times in sec­onds in­stead of min­utes. An ideal ap­pli­ca­tion for an SSHD is in a small form fac­tor gam­ing rig where there just isn’t space for two drives, but you still want a fast, large disk for your games.

The main bene t of the FireCuda is that no setup or driv­ers are re­quired to make full use of the SSHD fea­tures. It sim­ply ap­pears as a sin­gle, nor­mal hard drive to any op­er­at­ing sys­tem. With a RAID setup, there’s al­ways setup or driv­ers re­quired that can some­times cause is­sues.

The FireCuda’s Flash boost is au­to­mat­i­cally con gured and ar­ranged by the drive’s on-board hard­ware con­troller. The FireCuda in­tel­li­gently de­cides what les, ap­pli­ca­tions and op­er­at­ing sys­tem com­po­nents are ac­cessed the most of­ten and moves those to the SSD for quick ac­cess. It’ll also move items back to the HDD if they’re no longer re­quired. Both the Bar­raCuda and FireCuda stor­age so­lu­tions from Sea­gate are avail­able now from your favourite PC hard­ware store. For more in­for­ma­tion on the en­tire Guardian Se­ries of drives, visit


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