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The Vic­tor­maxx Stunt­mas­ter Head­set was a mono­scopic colour HMD for the Mega Drive and Su­per Nin­tendo re­leased in 1993. Re­tail­ing for around $200 USD, the Stunt­mas­ter’s head­track­ing mech­a­nism con­sisted of a plas­tic rod that dan­gled from the side of the vi­sor so that when you turned your head the rod would hit your shoul­der and tell the com­puter which way you're look­ing. The prob­lem was that the rod wasn’t es­pe­cially sen­si­tive, mean­ing you’d some­times be forced to thrash like a crazy per­son to make any­thing hap­pen. This was ex­actly as en­joy­able as it sounds.

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