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So by this point you’re al­most ready to go gal­li­vant­ing about in your favourite FPS, but the prob­lem is that hold­ing a con­trol pad or us­ing a key­board and mouse feels pretty silly, and while the con­trollers de­signed for use with the Rift and Vive are a good mid­dle ground, they can’t com­pare to the Delta Six.

THE HYPE: The most re­al­is­tic gun con­troller you’re able to get your grubby hands on right now. An ac­tu­a­tor pro­vides re­coil for ev­ery shot, while sight­ing down the bar­rel can trig­ger an iron­sights or scope view in-game, hit the bot­tom of the mag to reload.

THE GRIPE: The de­sign ob­vi­ously won’t suit ev­ery gun you use in-game, but then again you’ll have a head­set on, so you won’t ac­tu­ally see it when gam­ing. Oh and have fun get­ting it through cus­toms! The re­al­ism is of some­what ques­tion­able taste, and if this is a prob­lem, then we sug­gest look­ing up Ca­bela’s Top Shot Elite, which is what play­ers in the videos on the Vir­tuix Omni site are us­ing (and is much cheaper), just don’t ex­pect the same level of re­al­ism.

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