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A com­pany called the Vir­tu­al­ity Group re­leased a con­sole of sorts; a Vir­tual Re­al­ity Pod – the 1000 CS. There were only around 350 of these ever made, but for a lot of us in our for­ma­tive gam­ing years, play­ing Dactyl Night­mare on one of these in the lo­cal Time­zone ar­cade was the first glimpse into the pos­si­bil­i­ties a fu­ture of VR could hold.

THE HYPE: Pow­ered by an Amiga 3000 (!), and fea­tur­ing two 276x372 (!!) screens in the head­set, the track­ing re­lied on a mag­nets in the head­set, waist­band, joy­stick, and outer ring of the pod to de­ter­mine player body and head fac­ings.

THE GRIPE: This thing was cum­ber­some. The head­set and weight belt was heavy, giv­ing the wearer a closer re­sem­blance to one of the Borg un­der­go­ing re­gen­er­a­tion, than to a hu­man be­ing ex­pe­ri­enc­ing vir­tual re­al­ity. The graph­ics were also aw­ful (as were all 3D graph­ics in 1991), and the 3.2" LCDs were a blurry mess of 50ms of mo­tion sick­ness in­duc­ing la­tency. Due to the low pro­duc­tion num­ber there may only be a cou­ple of these machines in work­ing con­di­tion still in ex­is­tence, so your chances of see­ing one in ac­tion ever again – much less be­ing able to pur­chase one – are re­mote.


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