Mon­ster Hunter World

Ju­lian Rizzo-Smith sets up camp and cooks the per­fect mon­ster steak.

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Mon­ster Hunter World is a con­sole re­turn for the se­ries, in­tro­duc­ing seam­less open world en­vi­ron­ments and a more ac­ces­si­ble ex­pe­ri­ence for new­com­ers.

“Mon­ster Hunter has never shown the health bars on the mon­sters,” di­rec­tor Yuya Tokuda told Glixel. “That’s some­thing you have to un­der­stand your­self, by watch­ing the mon­ster’s be­hav­iour or read­ing a guide.”

The UI won’t show a crea­ture’s health but will de­tail how much dam­age you deal, mak­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence slightly eas­ier to un­der­stand. Bow­guns are de­signed like a heavy ma­chine gun in a tra­di­tional third-per­son shooter and you can run by sim­ply click­ing the joy­stick in­stead of hold­ing a trig­ger.

“We don’t want to dis­card the se­ries’ tremen­dous le­gacy, of course - that’s why [they’re] all op­tional,” said Tokuda.

“Scav­eng­ing in­ter­ac­tions, sur­vival of the fittest - all that stuff is re­ally

On­line co-op is com­pletely drop-in and drop-out.

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