Flare Gun • Far Cry 2

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The des­ic­cated African land­scape of Far Cry 2 is not just a sand­box of im­pro­vi­sa­tional gun­play; it’s a tin­der­box, too, where one stray spark can trig­ger a fiery apoca­lypse. Now, of­ten this hap­pens by ac­ci­dent, which is of course all part of the game’s core ap­peal. But the flare gun is a vi­tal tool for the more cun­ning mer­ce­nary, en­abling play­ers to start a blaze where and when they want it, and from dis­tance. Smoke the en­e­mies out of hid­ing then pick them off with the bolt ac­tion ri­fle.

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