Type-7 Par­ti­cle Weapon • F.E.A.R.

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Ar­guably the best ever en­ergy sniper ri­fle in a game, the Type-7 is a stag­ger­ingly pow­er­ful long range weapon ca­pa­ble of re­duc­ing all but the most pow­er­ful or ar­moured of en­e­mies to noth­ing more than a charred skele­ton (oc­ca­sion­ally an ex­plo­sion of blood and meat) in a sin­gle shot. Even though the Type-7 has a fairly lim­ited clip, the gun is pow­er­ful enough to be able to take out a group of weak en­e­mies or a sin­gle pow­er­ful en­emy be­fore re­quir­ing a reload. Of course, en­e­mies also have ac­cess to the Type-7, so keep your eyes peeled.

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