Ex­cal­i­bat • Rise of the Triad/ Shadow War­rior/Fallout 3

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It’s a stupid name for a goofy weapon, but the Ex­cal­i­bat typ­i­fies the over the top silli­ness of Rise of the Triad. This en­chanted base­ball bat can launch ex­plo­sive base­balls, hit en­e­mies for home runs and even launch a spread of ex­plo­sive base­balls in a dev­as­tat­ing “Ex­cal­i­blast”. In trib­ute to the orig­i­nal 1995 RotT Ex­cal­i­bat, the 2012 re­make fea­tured a new ver­sion of the weapon, as did the Shadow War­rior re­make. A ver­sion of the bat was even avail­able in Fallout 3 (though only by con­sole com­mand with the item code 000c80bc).

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