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Counter-Strike has been around for a long time. Does the meta shift much now, or has the game set­tled some­what?

The meta shifts each time Valve re­lease a new up­date. Pre­vi­ously we saw how strong UMPs were com­pared to AKs/M4s, which are meant to be the set gun buy in buy rounds. Pis­tols are cur­rently over­pow­ered and each pis­tol is slowly get­ting nerfed. Move­ment also changes some­times, as we saw the 'jump glitch' at the ma­jor pun­ish­ing play­ers. I don't think the game will set­tle and that's what keeps it in­ter­est­ing. It keeps us on our feet.

How of­ten do you need to train, and what does your train­ing look like?

Af­ter we fin­ish from our jobs/stud­ies for the day we jump on and prac­tice. From Sun­day through to Thurs­day we train for around 4-5 hours a day, not in­clud­ing any of­fi­cial matches we might have. Train­ing can vary from scrim­ming teams or dry run­ning, as well as watch­ing demos and other play­ers for strate­gies or to learn dif­fer­ent types of play. Out­side of these hours we would be death­match­ing/aim maps to im­prove in­di­vid­ual aim as well as watch­ing how other play­ers play.

What are some of the com­mon mis­takes other play­ers make, that let you get the drop on them eas­ily?

Some com­mon mis­takes other play­ers make are not trad­ing their team­mates af­ter they die. If you start run­ning out one by one you will eas­ily get dropped un­less that player is straight on the ball. If a team can’t adapt to your play style its eas­ily pun­ish­able too, as well as if they play the same spots each round and don't switch it around.

How vi­able is it to en­ter the Counter Strike es­ports scene right now, as a new face? Is there a wellestab­lished 'old guard' now?

It’s a lit­tle hard to en­ter a scene that is well es­tab­lished. Ev­ery­thing is eas­ier with con­nec­tions and once you're in its very easy to stay in; how­ever, if you put in enough work and prove to peo­ple around you that you want it and are will­ing to work for a place in the in­dus­try there's a high prob­a­bil­ity that you will earn your spot like that.

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