Dan "Astroboy" De Sousa Quake World Cham­pi­onships qual­i­fier

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What unique skills do you need for Quake, com­pared to other mod­ern shoot­ers?

I’d say the most unique as­pect of the Quake se­ries is the tim­ing of items. A lot of Quake’s game­play fo­cuses on hav­ing a greater amount of health and ar­mour than your op­po­nents and tim­ing is crit­i­cal to main­tain­ing this. As Fatal1ty once said, it’s all prac­tice, prac­tice, prac­tice. There are two ma­jor stages to learn­ing tim­ing: men­tally com­put­ing when items will next respawn, and play­ing around that know­ingly. I find newer play­ers of­ten do the first but for­get the lat­ter.

If you were a hot­shot in an ear­lier Quake game, what do you need to know, or how do you need to change, to suc­ceed at Cham­pi­ons?

The game still has a lot of the raw Quake skill set from pre­vi­ous it­er­a­tions, but now the game works a lot around the abil­i­ties. If you know how, when and what to do with the abil­i­ties it opens a lot of op­por­tu­nity for out­play­ing your op­po­nents. Learn­ing the health, ar­mour, movespeed and move­ment of all the char­ac­ters is another learn­ing curve pre­vi­ous Quake play­ers must over­come to get good.

You qual­i­fied for the cham­pi­onship with 200+ ping – do you think need­ing to over­come this made you a bet­ter player?

I wouldn’t say over­com­ing the ping was nec­es­sary to im­prove my game but it did al­low me to look at the game in a dif­fer­ent light. In­stead of re­ly­ing so much on my aim sav­ing me in bad sit­u­a­tions I had to fo­cus a lot more on out-think­ing my op­po­nents. Some of the weapons are not so bad on high ping and oth­ers are mas­sively de­layed, so I had to adapt my play style around this.

How large is the com­pet­i­tive scene in Quake right now? How many hours do you need to put in to get good enough

to com­pete?

It’s not large at the mo­ment com­pared Quake Live at its peak. The game is still early in devel­op­ment and peo­ple don’t like to play un­fin­ished games. Time will tell how big it can get. I spend about three hours a day play­ing and prob­a­bly around the same time watch­ing games and learn­ing what my op­po­nents do to see if there is any­thing I can bring into my own game. On my days off you can dou­ble those num­bers!

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