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Bay­o­netta made her way into Smash Bros 4 as DLC through an au­di­ence vote, and while she seemed like an odd fit to some, she’s a Smash nat­u­ral. If you never dropped money on Smash’s ex­or­bi­tant DLC you missed one of the best al­laround fight­ers in the game, with phe­nom­e­nal po­ten­tial in the air, great range, and ex­cel­lent combo po­ten­tial. Ev­ery tweak that Smash ex­perts have no­ticed from Ul­ti­mate so far is a nerf – her at­tack knock­backs have been low­ered a bit, Witch Time doesn’t last as long, and some of her combo pos­si­bil­i­ties have been al­tered slightly. Most of these will only re­ally mat­ter to high-end play­ers, though – Bay­o­netta 1 & 2 are some of the best ac­tion games avail­able, and be­cause her Smash ap­pear­ance is so closely mod­elled on those games, play­ing as her is ex­tremely fun. Bay­o­netta’s abil­ity to de­stroy an en­emy while flying grace­fully through the air in Ul­ti­mate is on full dis­play here – she’s so good that you don’t even need to be on screen to take an op­po­nent down. Her ground game is fine, but get her in the air and your op­po­nent is in real trou­ble (which is not dis­sim­i­lar to how she is in her own games, re­ally). Watch­ing a good Bay­o­netta player re­ally get­ting down to busi­ness is ter­ri­fy­ing since she’s so ex­tremely ver­sa­tile. This will be good for the game’s es­ports scene, be­cause a good Bay­o­netta player is al­ways fun to watch.

Match to Watch: Plup (Ridley) vs MkLeo (Bay­o­netta) Losers’ Fi­nals at the Su­per Smash Bros 2018 In­vi­ta­tional

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