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Mid­way through the house build, I re­alised that one of my sticker sheets was miss­ing. Sticker sheets are im­por­tant for Labo kits – the Joy Con’s sen­sors read the move­ment of those stick­ers dur­ing game­play – so with­out them, there was no point con­tin­u­ing to build this. I searched high and low, and have no idea what has hap­pened to this sheet.

This is a good ex­am­ple of why some peo­ple have been so ten­ta­tive to­wards Labo. It’s easy to lose a cru­cial piece, or bend some­thing the wrong way, or stuŽ the process up in some other way. The only way to buy an­other sticker set in Aus­tralia is to buy the ‘re­place­ment parts’ pack on Nintendo’s eBay store, which will set you back $22 in­clud­ing ship­ping.

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