The Leg­end of Zelda: The Wind Waker

(GameCube, Wii U)

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Wind Waker is every­thing good about Zelda boiled right down and dis­tilled into a friend­lier pack­age. While Oca­rina of Time was a marvel for its time and can still wow today, Wind Waker is a Zelda for ev­ery­one, a game that de­lights where oth­ers might in­tim­i­date, one that makes no at­tempt to make Zelda ‘gritty’, in­stead fo­cus­ing on the joy of be­ing a child and ex­plor­ing the world. Zelda has al­ways been a se­ries about find­ing out what’s around the cor­ner, or over the hori­zon, or even in the next room, and know­ing that there’s a good chance it’ll be some­thing ex­cit­ing. Stretch­ing that ex­plo­ration out over an ocean of un­du­lat­ing waves, full of hid­den trea­sures and en­e­mies, specked with is­lands beg­ging to be ex­plored, gave us the most joy­ously child­like Zelda ex­pe­ri­ence in the se­ries. Play it be­fore the stag­ger­ing Breath of the Wild and you’ll go into that one know­ing what makes Zelda so spe­cial.

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