Wel­come. . . to tak­ing the weight off

ImagineFX - - Editor’s Letter - Claire Howlett, Ed­i­tor claire@imag­inefx.com

Have you heard of the term ‘ life laun­dry’? It’s a hor­ri­ble buz­zphrase for sure, but the mean­ing be­hind it – about get­ting rid of things that are hold­ing you back – has res­onated with me re­cently. I’m in the mid­dle of a house move, so at the mo­ment my life is a whirl of boxes, bub­ble wrap and pack­ing. What’s struck me most about this im­pend­ing shift across town is just how many things I’ve ac­cu­mu­lated. I’m no hoarder, but I’d kept things sim­ply be­cause there was a cup­board space, or shelf for them to be plonked on to. As soon as I was faced with the prospect of lug­ging all of th­ese things across town, I quickly worked out what was es­sen­tial to take, and what wasn’t go­ing to make the trip.

Could you say the same for your home, stu­dio or art? My clear-out is about pos­ses­sions, but it doesn’t have to be some­thing phys­i­cal. It could be how you ap­proach an im­age, or whether you hold on to an art style that doesn’t suit how you paint. Maybe you have an un­fin­ished piece that con­sumes your mind, to the point that you’re un­able to let any­thing fresh or new in its place?

Have a think about the things you do out of habit, or keep hold of sim­ply be­cause there’s space for it. You’ll feel bet­ter after let­ting things go – and per­haps have a new re­spect for what’s left be­hind.

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