Shapes and mo­tifs

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It’s im­por­tant to pick a mo­tif you can re­peat through­out the de­sign and with styli­sa­tion the mo­tif can also be ap­plied to the character’s anatomy. Imani’s pri­mary shape mo­tif is a puffy, ta­pered oval. You can see this echoed in her body, arms, legs, face shape, hair and weapons, even in her hands, fin­gers and feet. There isn’t a hard, sharp or right-an­gle shape on her.

Ap­ply fi­nal de­tails

When I fi­nalise the con­cept I make sure our de­sign pil­lars of bold, fo­cused and charm­ing are all there. Bold: she’s got that eye-catch­ing fur col­lar and odd, ex­ag­ger­ated gun. Fo­cused: ev­ery­thing about her de­sign re­in­forces that she’s strong, ca­pa­ble and elite. Charm­ing: her pose, cos­tume and hairstyle say su­pe­ri­or­ity and style. No weak, knock-kneed poses or va­pid ex­pres­sions here! When you see her hope­fully you say, “Oh yeah, she’ll get the job done with a smirk on her face.”

De­cem­ber 2014

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