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Once I’ve com­pleted the thumb­nails I take my favourite ones fur­ther. I drop them quickly into more ap­pro­pri­ate sur­round­ings, such as this sim­ple space dock. This helps give me a bet­ter sense of what my ships will look like in-game. If I al­ready have some other ships cre­ated for this game then I sit them along­side each other for com­par­i­son.

Re­fin­ing thumb­nails

At this stage I can usu­ally tell what ar­eas I want to fo­cus on. I work up my favoured thumb­nails, tak­ing them in slightly dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions and see­ing if I like the re­sults. I still try and keep the amount of tones I use to a min­i­mum. The space­ship is go­ing to be un­der a lot of light­ing con­di­tions in-game, so I want it to work in all of them, and mak­ing sure it reads like this helps.

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