Per­spec­tive is key

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Per­spec­tive is one of the foun­da­tions of art that you should make an ef­fort to study thor­oughly. In­cor­rect per­spec­tive in an im­age – par­tic­u­larly en­vi­ron­ments de­signs – will re­sult in your images lack­ing any sense of re­al­ism and authenticity. Let’s take a ba­sic ex­am­ple. The edges of a cube form three sets of par­al­lel lines: one ver­ti­cal and two hor­i­zon­tal. Each set has its own van­ish­ing point. Based on th­ese three ma­jor sets of lines and the rules of con­ver­gence, there are three types of per­spec­tive. What dis­tin­guishes each type is sim­ply your point of view. The sub­ject mat­ter doesn’t change, just your view of it and how the sets of par­al­lel lines ap­pear to con­verge.

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