ArtPose & ArtPose Fe­male Edi­tion

Th­ese rather nifty iPad apps put fully ad­justable 3D man­nequins in your pocket

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Price £1.99 each

WCom­pany Shawn Ogle ith iPads fast be­com­ing a dom­i­nant medium for por­ta­ble dig­i­tal art, it’s no sur­prise that an en­tire ecosys­tem sim­i­lar to PCs and Macs has sprung up. In­stead of Pho­to­shop and Painter we’ve got Pro­cre­ate and ArtRage, and in­stead of Poser – the soft­ware for ma­nip­u­lat­ing a vir­tual man­nequin - we’ve got ArtPose.

Like the best apps, ArtPose is el­e­gant in its simplicity. Fire it up and you’re pre­sented with ei­ther a male or fe­male anatom­i­cal fig­ure, de­pend­ing on which ver­sion of the app you’ve bought. A drag of the fin­ger ro­tates your view, and pinch or punch ges­tures zoom in and out. Icons in the four cor­ners change the scene, ad­just­ing hair­cuts and light­ing, tak­ing snap­shots, mov­ing the cam­era and ad­just­ing the an­gles of var­i­ous joints.

The lat­ter is par­tic­u­larly easy-to-use, with spheres ap­pear­ing above joints and swipes of the screen ad­just­ing the an­gle and ro­ta­tion of limbs. Like Poser, your model can be con­torted into some very un­usual, un­nat­u­ral po­si­tions, but thank­fully ArtPose in­cludes a few pre­de­fined poses (for ex­am­ple,


Con­tact run­ning or sky­div­ing) that you can al­ter fur­ther to achieve the per­fect stance. You can then use the cam­era icon to take a JPG snap and then im­port it to your art pro­gram of choice so you can sketch around it, or use it as ref­er­ence.

The mod­els are of a high qual­ity, and the Unity en­gine adds some im­pres­sive light­ing ef­fects. It’s a shame you can’t ex­port fig­ures as trans­par­ent PNG images so that they can be im­ported as a layer in Sketch­book with­out the slightly an­noy­ing back­drop. We’d also like to see a few more body types, but th­ese are un­doubt­edly planned for fur­ther up­dates. Over­all, though, this is a use­ful and well-priced app and a must-have for iPad artists.

De­cem­ber 2014

Al­ter­ing the light­ing can pro­duce dra­mat­i­cally dif­fer­ent re­sults. The red and green spheres en­able you to bend and ro­tate joints – some­times a lit­tle un­nat­u­rally.

Pre­set hand poses re­move the fid­dli­ness of bend­ing in­di­vid­ual knuck­les and fin­gers.

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