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I’ve been a long-time fol­lower and col­lec­tor of Imag­ineFX and a huge fan of all forms of dig­i­tal art. I’m 53 years old and I’ve been draw­ing since I was a child. I have a de­gree in graphic arts and have sold a few small pieces of art, mostly pen­cil draw­ings and photographs, but I’ve had very limited suc­cess in the dig­i­tal arts.

I live in a small mid-western town in the US and my lo­cal au­di­ence is very limited. Most older folks just don’t un­der­stand what I’m do­ing. The lo­cal arts group is still de­bat­ing whether dig­i­tal art is “real” art, which leaves me on the side­lines.

I know I’ll never make it in the big leagues of Hol­ly­wood or with a film stu­dio, but I still en­joy work­ing in the dig­i­tal arts so I’d like to know if there are any re­al­is­tic av­enues out there for the work of an older fel­low such as my­self? I’m con­stantly amazed by the work that’s be­ing done in dig­i­tal art and I have to ad­mit a lit­tle jeal­ousy for the younger folks who do such won­der­ful work.

Keep up the great work. I love the mag­a­zine and all the art makes me smile. Michael Ries, via email Claire replies Michael, thanks for your email. I’m sure many artists read­ing this will feel the same as you. As your lo­ca­tion is – in your words – chal­leng­ing, I would sug­gest get­ting your work on­line. There’s a democ­racy about on­line gal­leries and groups that will help you rise above any small-town pre­con­cep­tions about what art is. Per­haps you could sub­mit your art for port­fo­lio reviews, or travel to con­ven­tions to meet fel­low artists and art direc­tors to dis­cuss and hone your craft?

Fur­ther­more, do you re­ally feel that age is a bar­rier to art suc­cess? I’d like to think that some­one’s work will stand out what­ever age you are. (Am I be­ing naïve, here? I sin­cerely hope not.) Good luck in your artis­tic pur­suits.


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