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I wanted to ex­press my frus­tra­tion re­gard­ing the video of the cover for is­sue 107, which was Han-Yuan Yu’s art for your manga spe­cial, back in April 2014.

The woman wears com­plex jew­ellery and a head­dress. I learned that I could down­load the video and find out the steps the artist took to achieve those mar­vel­lously shiny and in­tri­cate items. How­ever, when I down­loaded nearly three hours of video that showed the artist cre­at­ing the cover, I dis­cov­ered he skipped over the parts I was in­ter­ested in see­ing. There were two oc­ca­sions where he sim­ply cut away, did the com­plex bits and then came back to the cam­era with the jew­ellery and head­dress com­pleted. I cry foul!

Please tell your artists that when they make a video that they should in­clude ev­ery step so that I can learn from what they do. After watch­ing the video I was in a bad mood for the whole day. It’s sim­ply not fair. Ron Men­dricks, US Claire replies Good­ness, we don’t want to make any­body grumpy! Ron, I can’t re­mem­ber why the video was cut in this way. It cer­tainly wasn’t done on our part to an­noy you. The videos are sup­plied by the artists and they’re free to edit them as they see fit. I take your points on board, though. I’m sorry to have an­noyed you.

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